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Platonic Love Meme: Sly and Penelope (p.1) by brensey
Platonic Love Meme: Sly and Penelope (p.1)
I saw this "Platonic Relationship Meme" on Tumblr. And I decided to try it with Sly and Penelope from the Sly Cooper series.
Draw to Music: All About That Bass by brensey
Draw to Music: All About That Bass
Artist's Note:The title is wrong in the drawing because that's what the title sounds like when she actually sings it

Anyhoo, this song played about 500 times during my shift at work a few days back. IMO, it would be a great song about body positivity if the dingbat singing it didn't include the "skinny bitches" line and act as if she's the first pop singer to ever extol the virtues of big, voluptuous female derrières.

Last of Us: Ellie and Friends by brensey
Last of Us: Ellie and Friends
I like to imagine an AU where Ellie managed to teach Sam to shoot behind Henry's back before they crossed the suburbs. And that Sam being armed allowed him to avoid getting bit and live to settle in Tommy's city with Henry.


Bren Dala
United States
So, I heard the news about Sanzaru not making another Sly game via a couple people sending me messages that basically said "Did you hear about this!? Are you happy NOW!?"

Apparently, a few people seem to think I had a hand in this development and that my comics mocking Sanzaru (and/or my essay titled "Why I will never purchase Sly 5") convinced Sony to give Sanzaru the boot. So I just wanted to publicly announce that I had NOTHING to do with it.

As for my personal feelings on this news....I'd be lying if I didn't say I was relieved. I'm glad Sanzaru has found work on other projects. And I hope they learned from the mistakes they made when they developed the Sly HD Collection and Sly 4 (and that they don't repeat those mistakes in Sonic Boom).

I understand that the people who liked Sly 4 are sad that the MASSIVE, depressing cliff-hanger at the end of Sly 4 will never get a canon resolution. But all we can do now is hope that the upcoming Sly Cooper movie turns out to be good and that it makes enough money to justify green-lighting more games (and hiring a better company to develop said games).

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