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So, I heard the news about Sanzaru not making another Sly game via a couple people sending me messages that basically said "Did you hear about this!? Are you happy NOW!?"

Apparently, a few people seem to think I had a hand in this development and that my comics mocking Sanzaru (and/or my essay titled "Why I will never purchase Sly 5") convinced Sony to give Sanzaru the boot. So I just wanted to publicly announce that I had NOTHING to do with it.

As for my personal feelings on this news....I'd be lying if I didn't say I was relieved. I'm glad Sanzaru has found work on other projects. And I hope they learned from the mistakes they made when they developed the Sly HD Collection and Sly 4 (and that they don't repeat those mistakes in Sonic Boom).

I understand that the people who liked Sly 4 are sad that the MASSIVE, depressing cliff-hanger at the end of Sly 4 will never get a canon resolution. But all we can do now is hope that the upcoming Sly Cooper movie turns out to be good and that it makes enough money to justify green-lighting more games (and hiring a better company to develop said games).

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If its ok for me to ask, why was the fanservice in the Camp Scare bad?
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I love that sly cooper/ Zootopia crossover great work but is there more?
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I'd love to do more of those. I just need some ideas on what else to draw.
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Well, I have made an article, I have your name on it. So I thought you should look at it.…
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Question: Why do you dislike the Killing Joke?
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