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Shaggy/Velma cuteness by brensey
Shaggy/Velma cuteness
It's been a while since I've done this. So I thought I'd put some more Shaggy/Velma fluff out into the interwebs.

The Gang as Penelope Pitstop and the Anthill mob by brensey
The Gang as Penelope Pitstop and the Anthill mob
A buddy wanted to see the Scooby Gang as Penelope Pitstop and the Ant Hill Mob. So here it is.
Mystery Inc pumpkin carving by brensey
Mystery Inc pumpkin carving
A friend wanted to see the gang carve pumpkins. it is!


Bren Dala
United States
My sister and some of my friends were harassed at San Diego Comic Con by some YouTube douchebag named Kevin Brueck. And I want to help them get justice by spreading the word on this guy and warning cosplayers (especially female cosplayers) to stay away from him.

My friend wrote a first-had account of this incident on his tumblr page. Here's a link (and I'll transcribe it below):


Kevin Brueck: Comic Con villain

On July 25th, my friends and I were walking down the street towards some place to have lunch during the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) 2014. A man stops us, asking my cosplayer friend to do a quick interview for his documentary on cosplaying. Which is a common project for filmmakers who attend the con. She signed a release form for the documentary and was ready for the interview.

But once the camera started recording, the host opens up shouting “I’M HERE WITH ONE OF THE COMIC CON SKANKS!” and then continues on with a line of sexually harassing questions. My friend flipped him off and stormed away. The host followed her, continuing on with his questions.

At this point, her friends (including me) surround the guy with a onslaught of obscenities. He explains that it’s just a “prank” and then asks for her to sign a “real” release form. Not only does she refuse, but demands to get the form she signed back. He tells her “no” and then when asked why not, he answers with, “because I said so”.

So I asked him for his name and the name of the youtube channel he works on. He tells me “Kenny Burns” and that he works for

But that was a lie.

I found out that the name of this disgusting human being is Kevin Brueck and that he has filmed quite a few SDCC related prank videos where he terrorizes cosplayers for

This is such a disgusting trend. These cosplayers work long hours and spend an obscene amount of money to make their costume and show it off at SDCC. All of that effort put towards this one weekend out of the year will forever be tarnished by the memory of being humiliated and harassed by this horrible individual.

In one of his videos, he disguises himself as representative of the convention and scares cosplayers with a phony copyright infringement fine.

He needs to be stopped. I want his videos taken off of youtube and I want him to banned from the site as well as SDCC. Please share this story to whatever sites you think would be willing to help us shut down the continuing career of Kevin Brueck, a Comic Con villain!

-Jimmy Purcell.


this is an image taken from the video where he pretends to be a copyright infringement enforcer.


this is a shot of his film crew fleeing away from us as we tried to take a photo of Kevin Brueck

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kingofswing617 Featured By Owner Edited 6 days ago  New member
The reason why I ask that is because your hatred of them seems to run more deep than just thinking they did a lousy job with Sly. Its like they personally hurt you. Calling them sexist is a pretty harsh thing to say about people you dont know. For all we know Sly 4 could've had female writers.

About Sanzaru and criticism... they do not control the way fans behave. I am sure that they can and have handled criticism, but I dont think there acting like "helpless little lambs".  You did spend a year and a half making rants on this game. You act as though the backlash you have received for hating Sly 4 in their fault. Im not saying that you deserve the the backlash, but I feel your exaggerating

Now for the feminism issue. You said that you think Sanzaru did a poor job with characterization in general, but /it seems as though Carmelita and Penelope's being female makes it worse. I agree that Penelope's betrayal was stupid and lazily done plot twist, but It did not ruin the game for me. There are a lot of female characters that I enjoy, them being female not having much to do with it, I like them because there good characters.

I'm not trying to insult or disrespect you, please do not take any offense to what I am saying. Thank you
brensey Featured By Owner 4 days ago

Well, a lot of times the vitriol was exaggerated for dramatic/comedic effect (especially in the review comics I drew). I do not wish ill on anyone working at Sanzaru. I just wish they’d create their own IPs instead of destroying other peoples’ creations.

If you look at my reviews, you'll see that most of the time I'm careful to note that Sanzaru's mistakes are more likely the result of bad writing than actual sexism on the part of the writers/artists/etc. I don't think Sanzaru is staffed by woman-hating monsters. I just think that they didn't have the chops nor the talent to handle the Sly Cooper franchise.

I mean…c’mon. They thought sexing up a kiddie franchise full of cartoon talking animals was a good idea! Sanzaru should have left Sly Cooper alone and pushed to get hired on for a Conkers Bad Fur Day reboot instead.



but I dont think there acting like "helpless little lambs"


I NEVER blamed Sanzaru for the backlash I received from their defenders in the Sly fandom. They can’t control how their fans behave. And I honestly doubt they even know (or care) who I am.


The “helpless little lambs” comment was directed at all the Sanzaru fans who felt the need to spew profanity at me for daring to criticize ANYTHING Sanzaru did (as if I had the power to take the company down or something).



but I feel your exaggerating

I received a LOT of profane PMs both here and on Tumblr for criticizing a stupid video game.  Just because you didn’t see them in the comment sections of my artwork, doesn’t mean they didn’t exist.



but /it seems as though Carmelita and Penelope's being female makes it worse.

Them being female DOES make it worse because Sanzaru shamelessly sexualized them in ways that were not done in previous games. That coupled with the bad character writing gives off the impression that Sanzaru didn’t like and/or respect the female characters at all. They just saw them as either sex objects (see: Carmelita) or cheap plot devices (see: Penelope). And it doesn’t help that the only other female character in the game is literally nothing more than a walking fat joke.


As for the bad character writing…I believe that the male characters got saddled with crappy writing, too. But it was more apparent with Penelope because her betrayal came out of nowhere and her reasoning for it was stupid. Heck, even most people who LOVED Sly 4 concede that The Penelope Twist was handled VERY badly.


There are a lot of female characters that I enjoy, them being female not having much to do with it, I like them because there good characters.

I feel the same way. Which is why this game upset me so much. It put WAY more focus on the fact that Carmelita is a “sexy babe” than all the three other Sly games COMBINED. And Penelope’s backstory was ret-conned to turn her into a gold digging tramp.

So, yeah, it’s kinda hard to ignore their gender and focus on them as characters when Sanzaru is so intent on reminding the player of their gender at every opportunity.


I'm not trying to insult or disrespect you, please do not take any offense to what I am saying. Thank you

Don’t worry. No offense taken. :)

kingofswing617 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  New member
Hello ms brensey how are you? I have seen a lot of your sly 4 rants and I just wanna ask: Do you think youve been too harsh on Sanzaru? I mean Im a fan of the game yet I'll it does have its fair share of problems. Its just that... some of your comments towards Sanzaru, like calling them "sexist hacks who completely fail at character writing" just seem a little too harsh. Do you know anybody who works there?
brensey Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014
No, I don't think I've been too harsh on Sanzaru. Some of my language might have been over the top; but my criticisms are valid. They sexualized a children's game and, in doing so, royally screwed up the female characters so badly that it alienated a lot of female Sly fans (not to mention male Sly fans who didn't want to see softcore furry porn while playing Sly Cooper). They're a professional company backed by a big corporation. They should be able to handle fan criticisms (especially since they're taking the reins on a beloved franchise). And it annoys me when fanbrats play White Knight for Sanzaru as if they're helpless lambs that need protection from me and my goofy reviews/comics.

Do you know anybody who works there?

I don't know why this is relevant. But, no. I don't know anyone who works there (at least not personally). Why do you ask?
Sailoryoshi53 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, I was looking through the Tropes and found this Wild Mass Guessing article for Sly 4 And I was wondering your thoughts...

The Black Knight was meant to be Sir Raleigh.
Within the episode Of Mice and Mechs, there are a number of frog statues and frog motifs. The taverns are named after frogs, which is also pointed out in the loading screens for no reason. The safe treasure in the episode is also frog themed, and it's Sir Raleigh's top hat. Sir Raleigh is also an Englishman, who would probably feel at home in the medieval England setting, and he has a fondness for machines, so he could easily have built the mechanical henchmen in the level. This is why so many people feel that Penelope's betrayal of the team was so shoe-horned and nonsensical. Because it wasn't meant to be Penelope in the first place. Sir Raleigh, as a nod to the first game, was meant to make a comeback as a villain.
ANWAR1982 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014
Hello brensey, I'm ANWAR1982, have u ever watched the very first ''Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers'' episode ''Catteries Not Included'' where ''Chip'', ''Dale'' and their new partners helping find the little sad girl's kitten that was taken away by ''RoboDogs'' created by the show's first villain ''Professor Nimnul'', have u watched that episode yourself on the series' DVD??

can u draw the little girl 4 me, she has long brunette hair with a blue hairband on top and then she has on a red-colored coat with a white polo shirt inside then she has dark blue shorts and her black shoes and white socks and then she changed into her pink colared fancy longsleeved pajamas and her feet just like she has on when she sees her kitten ''Spunky'' found in her doorstep after the ''Rangers'' saved him from getting electrocuted.

can u draw the little girl in both of her clothes and post it in your ''Newest Devations'' page, please:)??
brensey Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014
Sadly, I have no time to do commissions right now (especially freebies). But thanks for your interest.
kuabci Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Thanks ever so for the Basil Favourite.
NeonBlobfish Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014
I just made a special journal, If you're interested, come and read it. You might find it interesting.
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